Participants will learn how to establish a productive kitchen garden and how small livestock can be kept to enrich gardening and nutrition.

Bee Keeping

Research observes beekeeping as one of the underdeveloped socio-economic activities that could have high potential for promoting food security in Africa.


Participants will learn how to make the choice of a suitable profitable venture; how to carry out correct book keeping, costing, pricing and calculation of profit and loss 

Fish Farming

Participants will learn how to establish fishponds and rear milkfish, prawns, and crabs in ponds and cages. Follow-up on-site support can be offered as an extension service

Food Processing

Participants are able to process mangoes and tomatoes into jams, chutneys, pickles, and dried produce. They are also able to bake cupcakes and bread.

Life Intensive Skills

Integrating life skills, entrepreneurship and a choice of available technical course: Participants will learn basic life skills which 

Life Skills

Participants will have a better understanding of themselves and set smart goals. They will be able to deal with challenges assertively


Participants will understand the benefits of some of the natural resources such as Neem, Moringa, Aloe Vera and