About Us

Welcome to Kwetu

  • Kwetu is a Non-governmental Organization that builds the capacity of grassroots Community-Based Organizations through holistic approaches to development targeting youth, women, and artisanal fishermen. We empower coastal communities towards sustainable development through alternative livelihoods and have integrated sexual reproduction health issues, HIV and AIDS, environmental education, advocacy, and lobbying on governance issues. Kwetu offers training, enabling people to cope with life’s challenges after formal education.

 Our life skills training facilitates self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and creative thinking skills. Whereas entrepreneurship training offers participants skills to set up and run a business whereas technical training exposes participants to environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of income generation.

These include value addition on locally available resources such as bees, neem trees, moringa, and fish. Kwetu also works to sustain the environment through various projects that raise awareness, teach sustainable farming methods, improve ecotourism initiatives and teach the local communities eco-friendly practices.

Kwetu’s vision is to have the costal community protect their environment for a sustainable future.

With a focus on Blue Economy, Kwetu work towards unlocking the potential of sea-land opportunities in the coastal counties for sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth with employment impact, while conserving and sustainably using the coastal and marine environment as well as promoting effective and integrated maritime governance.

In the coastal region, we aim to provide basic prevention and care services through the country community health strategy by working with like-minded partners worldwide with an interest in the coastal counties.

In the process of offering protection, youth empowerment, sexual reproductive health, and rights (SRHS) to the youth, women, and young mothers.