Wavuvi Project: Supporting small scale fishery in Kilifi District, Kenya

This is a 24 month project implemented in partnership with CAST Community Based Organization in Kilifi. The project aims at Poverty alleviation of the coastal communities directly or indirectly relying upon coastal natural resources as a means of livelihood, and to shift from unsustainable and marginally profitable fishing resources exploitation to uses that maximize on tangible socio-economic and environmental returns specifically, the project seeks to increase the productivity of small scale fishery and silvofishery activities in the Kilifi district through: capacity building of fishermen groups, sustainable fishing techniques and silvofishery pilot projects. The project will benefit artisanal fishermen in Kilifi District members of Beach Management Units with the following expected results; The eight fisheries organizations BMUs of the Kilifi District improved their capacity to undertake sustainable co management of marine resources exploitation, implementation of pilot deep water fishing with the eight BMUs, and implementation of two pilot silvofishery projects (small scale prawns and crabs farming and mangrove reforestation).

visit www.cast-ong.org for further information.