Commercialization of Seaweed Farming and Beekeeping in Msambweni

This project is implemented in partnership with ACT! Kenya. With funding support from the European Union, its overall objective is to contribute to the reduction of poverty for the poor and underserved people in Msambweni District in Coast Province. Specifically, the project seeks to improve the local economy of the poor and underserved through better agribusiness practices in Msambweni district. After the elapse of the 36 months time-frame, the project envisages that: Management knowledge on seaweed and honey sub-sectors improved among actors and stakeholders, technical and business capacities among individual farmers and entrepreneurs for seaweed and honey production improved, institutional capacities and relations among selected actors and stakeholder organizations for seaweed and honey production strengthened, market access for seaweed and honey created and sustained. This Project targets nine (9) farmer groups with estimated membership of 400 individual farmers; four (4) in bee-keeping at Shimoni/Vanga and five (5) in seaweed farming at Gazi, Funzi Island and Mkwiro zones. The final beneficiaries will be individual members of the target groups and communities in this area. Special focus will be given to women and youth.

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