MWENDO project through Kwetu aims to address various challenges which face the community especially those who are living with HIV/AIDS. Mwendo activities cut across all the four domains which entail Health, Stable, Safe and Schooled. Health and Stable domains have been given priority in improving the living standards of those infected and affected people to enhance household economic sustainability and enhance and retain suppression to all PLHIV. Mwendo came up with a plan of providing Emergency funds which could cater for transport to care and food for these vulnerable households. Kwetu works in two subcounties in Kilifi Country a coverage of 9 wards in total. Working in close relation with county government of Kilifi, 26 Health facilities have been engaged through MOH in a bid to ensure health and wellbeing to our caregivers and OVCs.

Kwetu does continuous follow up and mentorship to 8500 OVCs in 3601 Households through support of 158 Community Health Volunteers, 8 Community Mentor Mothers and 16 CBTs..

Services Offered year 2021