KWETU was founded on the premise of sustainable development as a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs Kwetu has a strong community participatory approach in its projects. Through training and other forms of capacity building supported development community based projects in fish and prawn farming, bee keeping, organic farming and ecotourism. Kwetu has supported over forty community groups involving 600 youth and 4,000 women per year currently its supporting 3615 households and 8360 Orphans and vulnerable children. Through these projects, Kwetu has significantly contributed to the rehabilitation and conservation of mangroves in Gazi Bay, Mtwapa, Kilifi and Mida Creeks. In, 2008, Kwetu won Equator Initiative Prize and in 2011 SEED Award in recognition of its efforts in alleviating poverty through sustainable management of natural resources. Kwetu has also implemented projects addressing community social and political empowerment. Key among these include HIV/AIDS awareness and reproductive health peer education programs targeting youth in and out of schools, the youth participation in governance project and the self help group approach targeting women. Kwetu currently has a Board of 8 Directors including two founders. It has a workforce of 15 staff led by a management team. Its office and the training centre is situated on a 2.5 hectare piece of land at Mtwapa Creek, which also features six fish ponds and several nursery ponds.